About Us


Basilic has a colorful and artistic meaning
symbol of Healthiness、Strength and Vitality
gives your newborn baby our most sincere greetings


Basilic Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995 in Kaohsiung, the southern capital city in Taiwan, by a group of pharmacists, whom had cultivated a professional team in baby product development and supply chain management. Basilic brand products are highly functional and reliable. Based on the team’s core ideal, “a healthy baby is a happy baby”, our team undergoes rigorous processes in order to provide meticulous care for babies. Though gestation to birth, every parent awaits expectantly. They all hope their babies to grow healthily and safely, and our biggest goal is to provide safe and convenient parenting products. You can count on us !

Innovative Research and Development ‧ Awards
Basilic Co., Ltd. Has accomplished many milestones with its outstanding products, such as medicine dispensers, teethers, child clothe hangers, table corner bumpers, and water cups, which have won design awards in Japan, Taiwan, and China. 

Besides focusing on practical functions and users’ convenience, we value aesthetics.